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Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is the inability to get or maintain an erection adequate for sexual intercourse. One in ten men (10 percent ) suffer from impotence and it’s observed in nearly one third (30 percent ) of diabetic men. The ability to obtain an erection is important to the majority of men, young and old. But many men suffer erectile dysfunction in silence, without seeking advice or help.

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If There’s a problem with one or more of these mechanisms, erection may fail. During stimulation, nerve impulses travel from the brain to the penis and activate smooth muscle relaxation in the penis. This promotes blood to flow to the erectile tissues.


Since the penis fills with blood, it expands and becomes vertical. During augmentation, the veins in the penis become compressed, blocking the flow of blood from the penis so that erection happens. The penis stays erect until ejaculation is finished or sexual stimulation ceases.Yes.

It’s extremely common to see a mixture of physical and psychological causes, but pure psychological causes are observed in less than 1 in 10 (10%) of affected patients. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by anxiety, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, humiliation, guilt and other emotional difficulties. When a person has trouble getting an erection, whatever the cause, he’ll often experience pressure to perform.

Inadequacy and a feeling of loss of manhood (called performance anxiety). All of these are common feelings for guys with erectile dysfunction. What can I do about the issue? You should discuss it with your spouse, nurse or doctor. They’ll advise you about any tests that are needed.

There are a number of simple tests your GP can do, such as blood tests to measure your lipids (cholesterol), blood glucose (diabetes test ) and testosterone levels (hormone assess ), and measuring your blood pressure. Blood tests should be carried out first thing in the morning, preferably around 09.00 hr, and you need to be starved in the night before.


If you can Find any conditions (e.g. elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure & Diabetes ) under control and get your weight to a healthy degree, this is an Once this evaluation has been completed, other treatment options can be It’s up to you and your sexual partner to decide what treatment you choose. We will, of course, give you advice on what we believe is most

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